Naturopathy and Oral Allergy

Naturopathy and Oral Allergy

Many people with Oral Allergy Syndrome turn to naturopathy¬† to find relief from the nuisances that oral allergies create. I say nuisance because for most people, myself included, the problems experienced are not life threatening and they are at most just annoying. I don’t mind putting up with a mildly itchy throat if it means that I can eat peaches and cherries and hazelnuts.

I have gathered as much information as I can regarding naturopathy and oral allergy syndrome and how it can help. To read more about what I have found the click here to read more about how naturopathy and natural remedies might just be the help you need to battle your oral allergies.

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OAS as Explained by the Philadelphia Children’s Hospital

Here is a great resource I found on the Philadelphia Children’s Hospital website.

See the Full Page Here

Oral Allergy Syndrome

Oral Allergy Syndrome (OAS), a type of food allergy, is an allergic reaction that is confined to the lips, mouth and throat.

* What is it?
* Who is affected?
* Symptoms
* Cross-reactivity
* What can be done?

What is it?

Oral allergy syndrome is due to a cross-reactivity between plant proteins from pollen and fruits or vegetables. When a child or adult with pollen allergy eats a fresh fruit or vegetable, the immune system sees the similarity and causes an allergic reaction. Interestingly, many patients with oral allergy syndrome can eat the same fruits or vegetables when they are cooked. The cooking process changes the protein enough that the immune system does not recognize the food as being the same as the pollen anymore.


Sometimes foods in the same botanical family will also cause reactions. Examples are potato and carrot; parsley and celery or apple and pear.

Who is affected?

OAS most commonly occurs in people with asthma or hay fever from tree pollen who eat fresh (raw) fruits or vegetables. Other pollen allergies may also trigger OAS. Adults appear to be more affected than children.

Rapid onset of itching or swelling of the lips, mouth or throat are the most common symptoms of OAS. Other symptoms may include irritation of the gums, eyes or nose. Symptoms normally appear within minutes of eating the offending food.

Symptoms are often worse during the spring and fall pollen seasons.

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Itchy Mouth From Fruit! You are not the only one!

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Always Forget that I suffer from Oral Allergy Syndrome

It is so hard sometimes to remember that I have Oral Allergy Syndrome, I say this because I do not have an allergy to many foods, only a select few, and when I do eat them my reaction is generally very mild, maybe just 10 minutes of itchiness in my throat and years and tongue.

BUT….never the less it is still uber annoying because it is a reminder that my body is over reacting to a perceived allergen, which is something that only developed in my mid-20′s. I am determined not to use over the counter drugs like benadryl because I am trying at all costs to stay away from man made chemicals (no matter how lovely and effective they may be!!)

I am going to start going to a naturopath for my OAS to see if they can help out. In the meantime I suppose I will just have to be patient and try to avoid the foods that trigger me (but that is hard, and not really fun and I usually choose to suffer through the annoyance because I don’t want to give up foods that I like)

Here is a list of foods that I am currently allergic to and trigger my oral allergy syndrome to flair up.

  • Hazelnuts
  • Peaches/Nectarines
  • Apples
  • Cherries

That is all for now, I am relatively lucky to only have a handful that trigger the allergies. Some people are far worse off, having a much longer list of afflicting foods and more severe allergies. You may want to try out some of your own natural remedies or you can buy and download e-books right away.

I recommend this one in particular Oral Allergy Syndrome Relief

Oral Allergy Syndrome

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Oral Allergy Syndrome-Do I have it?

If you have eaten fruit or nuts that give you a mild to more severe throat scratch or itchy feeling there is a good chance that you have something known as Oral Allergy Syndrome. OAS is one of the more frustrating allergies because while it generally mild it is extremely annoying. It is not usually a life threatening allergy, simply one that causes mild discomfort.

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