Natural Food Allergy Treatment

I am not a big fan of taking over the counter medicines as I don’t believe that it is good to suppress the body’s natural responses with man made drugs. However sometimes oral food allergy reactions can be so annoying and I don’t want to give up eating fruits just because of some itchiness in my throat so I may take half of a benadryl or other anti-histamine.

Having said that, here are some natural ways to treat fruit allergies that you can try to allieve the symptoms of Oral Allergy Syndrome and not take any anti-histamines.

  • Peel the Skin off the Fruit and Vegetables-The skin is often one of the larger culprits of oral allergy syndrome and peeling your fruits and veggies can significantly reduce the or eliminate the reaction in some people.
  • Boil/Bake/Dry/Can Your Fruits and Veggies- Another natural way to help eliminate oral allergy syndrome is to eat fruits and veggies that you have boiled, baked or that are already canned or dried. This seems to eliminate the reaction caused to this particular fruit allergy.
  • Vitamin C-This more holistic approach is said to work because recent studies suggest that Vitamin C is effective in lowering histamine levels in the blood stream.
  • Accupuncture-Accupuncture is used for many problems and allergies are one such problem which have been reportedly cured through the use of accupuncture. An ancient Chinese technique involving the use of very thin needles placed in specific areas of the body, depending on the affliction.
  • Naturopathy-There have been many reports of people going to naturopaths to have their allergies treated very successfully. Click here to read more about how naturopathy works and how it can help to treat oral allergy syndrome and other allergies.

Oral Allergy Syndrom Sufferers generally see a decline in symptoms when it is not allergy season and can often eat fruits that would normally give them a reaction without any problems. I believe this is because our bodies are not already flooded with pollen from the trees so it does not see the fruit protein as a threat, or it can easily mount a defence without going into overdrive (which is what a reaction is, the body going into uber defense mode).

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